Ohio Girls Barrel Racing Association is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1960. Our main objectives, as an association, are to maintain and promote Barrel Racing and other like events with a high standard while allowing our members to earn awards through participation in approved events.  The association is open to anyone, any age, regardless of residence.  3D Ladies Barrel Racing and 3D Ladies Pole Bending are the events the association has to offer.  In addition to our 3D open division, O.G.B.R.A. has a Pee Wee division, kids ages 10 and under. .

    The rules to our events are basic.  Non- members wishing to run in our open events at our shows are welcome, as long as they comply with our rules.   Rider must be a member before running in an approved class to be eligible for association points.   

    In our 3D open ladies events, only girls/women may run.  In these classes, divisional breaks will be on one and two seconds. Knock downs will be a five second penalty and ties will be added together and split.  Entry fee requested for classes with $50 or under added is $12, for classes $51 - $100 added is $15, for additional added money, OGBRA request you check our approval form.  Of this fee,  $2 goes to OGBRA toward year end awards  (see our payback chart).

    Our Pee Wee division is for youth (boys and girls) ages ten and under, as of January 1 of current year. We opened our membership as well as this class to all youth because we felt there was a need. Pee wee members must follow membership guidelines.  The entry fee for this class includes a $1 approval fee (used for Pee Wee awards) and 70% of the remainder paid back to contestants. We encourage show committees and/or parents to assist in providing give always like ribbons, candy, and/or tack in these classes as we feel that all contestants should be recognized.

        Ohio Girls Barrel Racing Association's year runs from November 1st through October 31st.  Recognition of standings is done at our annual awards banquet, usually held in the next years January.   In addition to recognizing those members placing in division, OGBRA offers the following special awards: Best Dressed, Rookie of the Year, Most Improved, Sportsmanship, and Horse of the year (Trophy donated by Becky Dixon in honor of her horse Betty). 

     Year end awards come from membership money, work projects, approval fees, and donations.  Year end award places in the 3D class are based on the average number of class participants in that division during the season.  In the pee wee divisions, OGBRA recognizes the top 10 places in the individual events with prizes and/or cash base on points earned. Unlike other associations, OHIO GIRLS BARREL RACING ASSOCIATION pays back all of its treasury for year end banquet and awards. Only a small amount of operating capital is kept for the new year.  What you earn is paid back each year.

    As an Ohio Girls Barrel Racing Association member, you will want to keep up to date on information by our website, as well as, our Facebook page. On OGBRA's web site people will find APPROVED SHOW dates, show bills(when available), points, and other pertinent information: www.ogbra.com.  OGBRA holds two meetings a year, one in the spring to organize the year and one in the fall to wrap up the award year.  The fall meeting is a required meeting for members.

    To raise money toward awards and our Match Team, OGBRA produces 1 or 2 speed shows a year. Members are required to raise sponsors and work these shows as 'required money makers'.  At times, the membership has voted to have other money makers to help pay for match outfits or awards.

    Finally, no discussion about Ohio Girls Barrel Racing is complete without information about the MIDWEST MATCH BARREL RACE.  Ohio Girls Barrel Racing Association represents the state of Ohio in this competition.  Ohio will send a team of its top eleven barrel racers to compete in this event. States may send a second team or 'B' team to compete if there is interest.  At stake is money and prizes for the top 2 state teams.   Additionally, riders in this event may pay an additional fee so their Match run will count toward a 4D barrel race to win additional cash prizes.   Ten mid west 'core' states send teams to this event as well as guest states invited.  Ohio is proud to say that we participated in the original match held against Indiana. We are proud to say that the 'match' concept was conceived by Ohio Girls Barrel Racing member Joanne Lutz of The Rodeo Shop, Eaton Oh in 1961. Since that time, more states and money have been added. Today, this has grown to be a huge event each fall.

    Membership in Ohio Girls Barrel Racing is open year round. Family memberships are $35, Single $25, and just $10 for Pee Wee age youth only.  PLEASE SEE OUR 'FORMS' page to print a copy of our membership form.

    Ohio Girls Barrel Racing...competing together to make a difference.

    Thanks and see you at the shows!